April 4-10

E-Ha! Spring Break!

On the road Saturday morning. Heading East to the valley and then hours spent zooming down I-5 to Bakersfield in time for our "Last Supper in Civilization" at a Basque Restaurant. We're right on schedule. Dinner over we head off for the desert and sun and relaxation.

But first we have to get over Tehachapi Pass.

Up and up, into the clouds, drizzle and finally snow! We stop for a photo opportunity under the highway sign announcing "Barstow - 89 miles". Snow is falling and the highway down to one lane. Will we make it?


Finally! Sun and books to read and evening campfires and not a Lighthouse in sight!


We visit Joshua Tree, the Chuckwalla Mountains, Corn Springs, the Amboy Crater and get in

a few games of Petanque.

Even the dog enjoys vacation.

But time flies when you are having fun and all too soon it is time to head home, back into the rain and snow and the wrap-up of our portion of the Lighthouse Project.

On to next week

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