August 20

Here is the Subaru engine mated to the VW transaxle. The old waterboxer is in the background of this image which makes it a bit confusing. The new gear drive starter is bolted into place.

Here the Subaru engine/Vanagon transaxle assembly is being pulled under the bus with a come-a-long attached between the front end of the transaxle and the Vanagon front bumper. Once pulled into place it was then a matter of lifting the transaxle end high enough to insert the mounting bolt and then carefully jacking up the engine end until the engine cross member came into contact with the frame; then installing the six bolts.

This is the top of the Subaru engine viewed through the access hatch in the back of the Vanagon. The air intake duct with the new air filter assembly is seen on the left side.

From underneath, on the right rear side, you can see the muffler, the exhaust headers coming down out of the engine head and, to the right, the gray engine support cross member with it's angle iron attachment to the bus frame.

Keeping in mind the above photo, here is a drawing of how I supported the muffler.

The splash shield hides the top attachment bolt from view. You can also seen the vertical
heat shield between the muffler and the timing belt cover - mentioned below.

From under the rear of the bus you can see the catalytic converter, muffler, exhaust system and engine oil pan.
Note: Kennedy provides a piece of galvanized tin that attaches to the existing VW heat shield
to protect the plastic cover of the timing belt of the Subaru engine from the heat of the cat and muffler.

The VW expansion tank has been moved and mounted to the right side of the engine compartment.

I am using 1-1/4" copper pipe for the routing of the coolant from and to the engine with radiator flex hose 90's at the places it attaches to the engine and the hard lines coming from under the bus.

This is a view from under the right rear of the bus showing the copper return line to the engine coolant inlet. Yes, I have not put a hose clamp on it yet!

Here is a schematic I made that shows the plumbing routing.
Looking straight down on the engine.

The throttle cable has been connected, VW to Subaru.

I used the original throttle cable clamp that was used by VW to clamp the Subaru Cable and Vanagon cable together. I had to elongate the hole through the clamp a bit to make room for the Subaru cable and the rod on the end of the VW accelerator cable. Trim down the metal ball on the end of the Subaru cable so it will slide through the hole first, then slip in the VW cable end and tighten the 8mm bolt.

Leave the Subaru cable full length and just loop it around to the back of the engine compartment and back to the Subaru throttle body.

Most of the vacuum hoses have been dealt with. Progress is happening.

September 3rd.

I bolted the computer, igniter, fuel pump relay and ignition relay to the bus body and installed the wiring harness. I then connected the battery and, crossing my fingers, turned the key to fire up the bus. Nothing happened. Not even smoke and fire! I guess this will give me something to do during the Labor Day weekend. Damn. I hate it when things like this happen.

Wiring Hell continues. Actually, these are the wires left over and I am wondering which one I left out!!

Labor Day 1999

Finally, a break through!

In complete frustration I finally called a neighbor who is supposed to be a whiz on Subaru engines for help. Yes he will come over even though it is Labor Day. In only one and a half hours he discovered three ground connections I had missed in my wiring harness. We install them but the engine still would not start!

While I turned the key he checked some more and discovered I had the fuel "in" and the fuel "return" lines swapped. We corrected that and presto.

It starts! It runs! It idles!

I have not re-installed the half shafts and rear tires yet but no big deal. I am still waiting for my power steering hoses to be made up. Can't go anywhere without them anyways.

So, now and then, I sit in the bus, fire it up and listen to the engine run. That in itself is a real pleasure at this point!

I have the wiring harness to finish wrapping and making nice. A few odds and ends to do but soon, real soon, I should be on the road!

September 15th

The power steering hoses arrived. They are installed now. I pulled my wiring harness out again and did the final dressing and wrapping, then reinstalled it. Much neater now.

I have driven the bus about 50 miles and yes, good power, very quiet and smooth. What a great combination.

Vanagon and Subaru.

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