Winning photos from Grand-paw's baby book!

Taylor, "So Big!"  My first grandchild from my daughter Sarah and her husband Matt.

Taylor getting into music.

Lane studying to be a columnist.  (Foot in mouth.  Get it?)  My first grandson from my son Jeff and Trinna.

Lane enjoying his first birthday cake.

Kian in his airplane swing.  My second grandson from son Ross and his wife Kerry.

Kian and Grand-Paw's hands.

A slightly dazed Grand Paw with four, count 'em!  Four Grandbabies.
The newest grandson, Baby Caleb, in hand, born to my daughter Sarah and husband Matt.  Taylor to the left, Kian and Lane to the right.  Oh boy!

Getting ready for Halloween.
This time Kian and Lane on my left.  Taylor and Caleb to my right.

Kian (Chicken)    Lane (Fireman)    Taylor (Horse)    Caleb (Penguin)


#5!!  Lauren!  Jeff and Trinna's new daughter!


And, one more!!

Keller Logan
Born to Ross and Kerry and Kian January 10th, 2006

That makes six, and I'm told, "That's it!"

Now it's time to watch them grow.




Lane gets the plane ready

Come on Lauren, this is going to be fun


"Wade" passes all the swimming requirements to move up to "Level Two"!