Kennedy Engineered Products

During our Winter Break 2000 ~ 2001 trip to Death Valley we stopped and visited KEP in Palmdale, Ca..

Here is where it all happens.

It doesn't look like much from the street but if you drive around to the back, where the windows are,
you will find a door that enters into...

Well... what can I say!!

Here is the busy shipping bench. Adaptor plates, clutch disks; some ready for packing and some ready to ship.

The deeper you go the more there is. Here, on the shelves are stacks of ring gears stored in the welding room.
There is a jig for the Subaru engine mount on the red cart.

Here is Brett turning an adaptor plate on the lathe.

Jim is "chasing" the threads for the Oxygen sensor on a KEP exhaust mainfold.

Outside I find a Vanagon that Hobert is tinkering around with. He has dropped a Subaru six cylinder
in place and is measuring up what would be needed to make it work.

Here is a view of the under side. Obviously the exhaust manifold and the oil pan will require some thought!
Don't go beating on Hobert's door. This project is on the back burner at this time.... Just too many projects.

Back in the front office I find Susan happily dealing with e-mail!

Oh, oh, it looks like I'm wearing out my welcome. David is giving me the eye!

Actually, David and Hobert were more than generous in allowing me to wander around and take
pictures of whatever I wanted.

And, finally...

Here is our Guru, Hobert himself, finishing up my new oil pan.

Soon we said our good byes and hit the road for Death Valley.

Thanks to the KEP team for letting me snoop around.

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