Mexican Bomber

When I was flying my "School Bus" LazyBee in Death Valley... for some reason flying over sagebrush and rock put me in mind of building another LazyBee and doing it up as, "The Free Mexican Air Force.

My son sent me a set of LazyBee plans and I bought some balsa.  Scratch build!  Here I go!

Soon I had the fuselage and tail feathers pretty much together.

I decided to build the standard 40 inch wing rather than the 48 inch wing my School Bus has.
That way I can swap them back and forth and see which size works best.

I decided my Mexican Bee needed to have a bomb bay.  Here is the "front end" of the bomb bay
I designed with a micro servo to operate it.  In the above view the doors are closed.

I assigned the servo to the "landing gear" toggle switch on my transmitter.  Switch up, doors closed.
Switch down, doors open.  It works!!

I used army green and desert tan MonoKote to cover it with checkerboard to enhance visibility.  I downloaded the Mexican Flag via Google, printed it out on a decal contact sheet plus the words, "The Free Mexican Air Force", and applied them.

Here it is with the wing off and the bomb loading door closed.

Here is the bomb loading door open and the bomb, a wine cork with fins, ready for loading!!

The nose of the plane still needs covering and the windows installed but... it is almost done.

Stay tuned!

Sailplanes?  How about a sailplane race!

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