Finally, official, way late, Spring Break 2000

What stands out in a herd of SUVs??

Yep. Iren and Stefan's H model Citroen!!

Here we are parked in Willets at the Safeway getting some final items for our trip to the Mendocino National Forest.
Our friend Judy has a cabin on twenty acres surrounded by miles of forest.

We arrive and set up camp. We are above 5,000 feet and so it is not overly hot during the day and just right for sleeping at night. Ed and Suzanne did not quite get the Subaru conversion completed with Sage Fox and so came up in their Mazda MVP and slept in Judy's cabin at night.

Each day we managed to get in a couple rounds of Petanque. It was quite a challenge because there were few level places to play. Actually playing on the hillsides was quite fun because it changed the game from skill to luck!

There were a couple of steep place on the trail to the cabin that the Citroen, with it's front wheel drive, had trouble getting up. My Subaru powered Vanagon leapt to the challenge and by golly, had the poop to do the job.

All told we had five days of camping and Petanque and reading our respective novels. We swam in the Eel River once during the drive to the cabin and again on our way out. One day, while at the cabin we all loaded up in Ed and Suzanne's MVP and drove back down the mountain to spend several hours swimming in the Eel. Hot day and perfect water temperature. A very nice mini vacation.

A byproduct of traveling along, following a H model Citroen with a top speed of 48 mph, was that I got 23.28 miles per gallon!!

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