February 14 - 20

Lots of rain, wind, and high surf this week. I check the Internet to see what is happening.

In this image you can see the Western States outlined in red. The white stuff is the "Pineapple Express" coming right at Northern California from Hawaii. Oh boy!

But onward. Stefan is installing, inside the top of the Lantern, the last of the "pinching strips" that hold the zinc roof liners in place. We then coated them with white finish paint. It will be impossible to paint them after the smoke hood is in place.

We continue trying to get the door to fit properly. It had not fit properly for years and had all kinds of shims stuck under the hinges. Also the upper part of the door had a crack in one of the corners which we had welded. It has been a real trial and error to attempt to get it to fit correctly. Since it has three hinges it is hard to get them to all work together harmoniously. But, we are gaining on it.

Another aspect of this job is now being addressed. The Watch Room (the room just below the Lantern) is to be refurbished. This double hung window needs attention after years of being painted - it sticks!

Also, when we removed the Lantern, back in November, the top boards of the walls of the Watch Room were torn out in order to access the 32 bolts that hold the Lantern to the Lighthouse. Of course these historic boards were the size lumber was made back in the good old days. 1X4 meant 1X4. Buy a 1X4 now a day and it measures 7/8ths by 3-7/8ths. Stefan will mill new "full dimension" boards for replacement. Also the entire Watch Room Floor is going to be replaced and Stefan will mill the new wood for that too.

Meanwhile, just outside the Lighthouse, Gina O'Farel and Kevin Fletcher start digging the trench for the new power line to the Fresnel lens.

To get the new conduit into the lighthouse a section of the concrete walk around the base of the lighthouse must be broken out. Gina takes a whack at it with an electric jack hammer.

Next week. Maybe we do windows. The discussion over the proper caulking still continues.

On to next week

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