February 21 - 27

Well, another week of basically continuous rain. There was a slip-out on Highway 1, at a place called Dark Gulch, between Elk and Point Cabrillo, that closed one lane.

A yarder, in the lower left of this image, is starting to place boulders and rock to support the rebuilding of the hillside under the road. Traffic delays of zero to fifteen minutes - depending on when I arrived there.

This week it has been too cold and wet to paint and so work has continued on removing and stripping the old lead paint off of the Watch Room wall boards and the boards from the "half wall", which had to be removed so the Watch Room floor could be replaced. Each afternoon more boards would be coated with Peel Away and allowed to "cook" overnight. The next morning the paint would be soft enough to scrape off and then the boards are washed off, neutralized and stacked to dry.

And finally we had our new belt sander and glass grinding belts. Stefan built a jig to hold the belt sander to the work bench and we started fitting the windows to the bronze window frames and grinding the edges for more clearance where needed. We need a 1/16th of an inch clearance between window and frame for expansion and contraction. Rather slow, careful, tedious work.

Here are some of the lower triangle shaped windows after grinding. They are being held into place temporally with a couple of screws and fender washers. The little yellow squares are foam pads that separated the windows from each other when they were shipped to the job site.

Once the upper and lower triangle shaped windows were fitted and identified as to location (each frame is slightly different), we started fitting the large diamond shaped windows. We will install the windows for the last time with caulk after we are through installing the roof stanchions, Architrave liner and smoke hood assembly. We decided we don't want to be banging around too much inside the Lantern once the windows are installed! Woodie's Weld-All has the one inch thick iron rod for the roof rail and they should have it rolled to the proper diameter this coming Monday. Once the roof stanchions and railing are installed we can finish the inside of the Lantern. Also, 2,600 pounds of one inch pipe has been delivered so we can start cutting it up to make the deck railing. Fernando will deliver the fittings for the railing, which were cast in a foundry in Oakland, this coming Tuesday.

Friday was Stefan's 48th birthday and....

The "Paint Stripper of the Month", from the Fresnel lens restoration crew, lifted our rain sogged spirits with this pose!

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