November 22 - 28

November 23rd.

Forty mile per hour winds, with gusts to 50, and rain greet us. The Original Lighthouse minus Lantern is seen with the temporary shed to it's right. You can just barely see ROADCOW parked to the right of the shed and the Oil House behind it.

November 24th

After removing the inside zinc roof linings, Stefan Furrer starts loosening bolts that hold the nine, cast iron, roof panels together. We discover the underside of the roof castings are coated with red paint.

Fernando Oliveira, Stefan, and I lower the first roof casting inside the Lantern with a chain fall. Each casting weights around 300 to 400 pounds! Once on the floor we move it out the Lantern door and out of the way. By the morning of the 25th we have all nine roof panels down and start removing the Architrave castings. We start at 6:30 am., knowing that we can heal our muscles the following day, Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27th.

Back to work. Yours truly, "The Old Curmudgeon", drills out stripped brass screw heads in the door frame's window retainer.

Stefan prepares to lower one of the the last three Architrave castings which are attached to the top of the bronze window sashes.

All that remains are the window sashes, the Parapet walls, the door frame and the floor plates.

Here we heat some stubborn connecting bolts that hold the window sashes together and try to get them out. We break several screw driver type half inch sockets on this operation using a half inch impact gun!

In spite of it all, the parts pile up This image consists mostly of the bronze window sashes.

We stop to take a "photo opportunity" and then remove the last of the window sashes.

November 28th.

With the window sashes gone we now unbolt and lay over on their sides the
cast iron Parapet wall sections.

On to next week

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