November 29 - December 5

Fernando shows up with his three axle trailer and we grunt and shove and pry and pull and eventually load the Parapet and Architrave castings onto his trailer. Away they go to be sandblasted.

The wind is blowing 50 mph with gusts to 60. We put in some more bracing on the walls of the temporary shed!

December 1st. 46 degrees. We start crawling around under the Lantern and by using a torch, a pry bar, and a come-along we manage to get the bolts loose. We then lift each 1,200 pound casting and move it over by the door and stack them up for Fernando to take to the city for dipping and sandblasting.

December 3rd Fernando arrives with the first load of sandblasted parts, which we unload.  Then we load the floor castings onto his trailer.

This is the chimney casting that has returned from dipping and sandblasting. Of course it and the other returned parts were hauled back on an open trailer, in the rain, and so have rusted again but this time the rust is only "flash rust" and it will be easy to remove after the compressor and sandblasting equipment arrives.

We remove the door and door hinges from the Lantern and start drilling out the broken screws in the window sashes - 26 brass screws per sash!

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