November 8 - 14

Monday morning Fernando arrives with his carpenters, Robert and Trinidad, more lumber and a gas powered post hole digger. We drill six, four feet deep holes into the ground, pour three sacks of ready-mix into each of them and settle re-bar tie-downs into the mix. When the walls are back up we will anchor the top corners and two mid wall sections by cable to the concrete anchors! This building is not going to go down again!

The stud walls are back up and the ridge beam is being set into place.

Rafters are going up and the Lantern slowly recedes from view.

With the roof in place we turn to the project at hand.

This is a view of the inside of the Lantern roof. The Rosette, the spoke-ed wheel looking casting is mounted to the chimney. The rods hanging down support the smoke hood. Years and years of paint are peeling away.

Saturday I join with Kevin Fletcher and Pam Hurst to help remove some of the original windows from the Lantern. A lot of them are cracked and not worth saving and some of the windows have been replaced with Plexiglas but still we end up with about 19 complete, 1/4th inch thick, original plate glass windows!

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