November 1 - 7

I meet with the contractor, Fernando Oliveria, November 3rd, 1998 at Point Cabrillo. He and two of his workers were busy constructing the temporary shed that will house the lens during it's restoration. It sounded like I had a job and I said I would return for the "lift off" of the Lantern.

November 5th.

A large crane arrived from Ukiah and at noon the lantern was picked off the Lighthouse and

gently lowered into the confines of the temporary shed.

With a huge sigh of relief everyone knocked off for the weekend. We would return Monday to put the roof on the shed.

November 7th.

During the previous night a storm blew through the area with winds up to 50 mph. Since the temporary shed did not have a roof the walls blew down like a deck of cards. Nothing was damaged on the Lantern, not even the old windows!

I borrow some tools from my friend Ed McKinley and remove the wall pieces that were leaning on the Lantern.

This view is from the top of the Lighthouse. The Lantern sits surrounded by the debris of the shed walls.

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