Geocaching has given me an opportunity to see places that I had never visited before.  Times past I have always felt I had to drive 600 miles to see something beautiful!  This stuff is right in my back yard!!
November 25th, 2001, my camping and traveling buddies, Ed and Suzanne McKinley, call and ask me if I would like to go Geocaching with them.

"Well sure, What’s Geocaching”?

I soon find out that Ed and Suzanne have discovered a website called

Geocaching is a game where folks hide a small container with some "treasure" in it and record the latitude and longitude by using a hand held GPS unit. When they get back home they post the coordinates on the website.

Other players log on to the Geocaching webpage, type in their ZIP code, hit the search button and find out if there are any cache sites hidden in their area.

Ed checked and discovered that there were about eight cache sites right around our local coastal area! He picked a couple that were close to Fort Bragg, printed out their “details” page, and we loaded up in the van to go search for them.

The first one we decided to look for is named “Pudding Creek”. We already knew that there is a small, ocean side, park north of Fort Bragg named Pudding Creek. Away we go!

We arrive, park in the parking lot, and hop out. Ed sets off with his GPS unit in his hand. Suzanne and I follow along like ducks in a row.

The details page lists the coordinates of where the Pudding Creek cache has been hidden. We walk along and watch the GPS as the latitude and longitude start to match up. We soon realize that it is near the southern end of an old trestle bridge.

Hand held GPS units can give an accuracy down to about 30 feet or even less if you have good satellite coverage. So, basically, the GPS got us into the ballpark. Now to do some sleuthing and searching. The detail page "hint" mentioned Trolls!

The word Trolls sparked an idea in Suzanne mind and, son of a gun, Suzanne found it! The cache turns out to be a small Tupperware container with a log book, pencil and pencil sharpener in it plus:

    1. One happy face air freshener
    2. One happy face pencil sharpener
    3. One happy face clicker
    4. One Garfield War game
    5. One Ivy Cleanse packet
    6. One car
    7. One small bubbles
    8. One rose
    9. Play money


We log our visit into the log book and put it back in it’s hiding place.

We find two more cache sites by the end of the day!!

W E A R E H O O K E D !

Since then we have found numerous cache and placed our own cache up and down the Mendocino coast. Ed has even placed cache as far east as Sacramento! This Spring Break we will be placing cache in our favorite location between the Pacific Ocean and Death Valley!! ( To read about that Spring Break, click here.)

For being a group of aging Grandparents… we sure have become a bunch of kids again and are having a ball!

Geocachers usually have nicknames and so Ed and Suzanne are Team Sagefox.  Individually they are Ricky Rosco and Spark.  I, of course, am Roadcow.   Lolli has no comment!!

Be seeing you on the Geocaching trail.


Here is yours truly reading the log book from a cache site up Russian Gulch.

Here we have Sagefox trying to get a satellite fix under the cover of trees.  Not always an easy proposition.

Spark has located one!

Ricky Rosco and Spark have found a cache and are feeling pretty good about it!

The ones I have created are listed below with a short description.  For more information click on the name.

Have a Seat

Hand carved and just waiting for you.

The Seven Benches of Mendocino

A tour of Mendocino you would never get on your own.

Lighthouse Too

I helped restore this lighthouse.  Whale watching too!

The Hole in the Head

Unbelievable what almost happened here thirty eight years ago.

Ibex Mine

This is a virtual cache placed during Spring Break.

The So-Cal Mining Company

This too is a virtual cache placed during Spring Break.

Here is a turkey day caching trip

For the official Geocaching website click here.

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