Details of Buick powered Bus

What we have here is a 1971 VW van with a, if I remember the year right, a 1983 Buick V6. Note the radiator mounted over the normal access opening to the engine compartment. The fan on the engine draws air in through the radiator (backwards) and also a lot of dirt. One of the reasons I didn't like that idea. Also, in this image you can see part of the wood frame that surrounds the hole cut into the deck, framed up an extra 3 to 4 inches to allow clearance for the height of the engine. Something I didn't have to do with the Toyota. The Toyota engine fit.

In this image you can see a bit of the frame around the deck opening and mostly just the air cleaner. This engine pretty much fills the hole.

Here we are looking under the bus from the right rear side. The stock VW engine cross-member is used and a stiffener (arrow) welded to it with brackets to pick up the V6 engine mounts.


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