August 4th, 1999

My search for a Subaru engine.

A friend gave me the number of the

Redding Auto Center, in Redding, Ca.

that might have a Subaru Legacy 2.2 engine.

I called and talked to someone named Randy.

I told him that I was looking for a Subaru Legacy 2.2 engine in order to do an engine conversion on my 1984 Vanagon Camper. He understood what I was after and thought it was a great idea. I then read him the instructions I had received from Kennedy Engineered Products that listed what else was needed in addition to the engine.


"When ordering a 2.2 Subaru Legacy engine from a wrecking yard they will need to know that you need it complete. For this installation it must include the rubber motor mounts, Oxygen sensor, throttle cable, air duct and air flow meter in addition to the engine computer with it's four plugs and associated wiring. If the Vanagon has power steering and air conditioning then you will want these pumps on the engine. There are three other small items that must not be forgotten. The ignition relay and fuel pump relay are located near the computer above the drivers left knee. The igniter is a black plastic item 2" square and a half inch thick centered on the firewall directly behind the engine. These little items are expensive if you must buy them.

There will be a small harness on the engine. The computer harness should come from the same car or some terminals may not match. Removing the wiring harness requires removing the entire dash from the Subaru and removing the left front fender or at least the apron under the fender. The headlight wires may be cut behind the fender near the front after they separate from the engine sensor wires. Another bundle of 15 wires going to the tail lights can be cut. The fuse and relay box is not necessary so all those wires can be cut. Temporarily save the gray 67 pin firewall connectors in the harness. If the harness comes from an automatic car then it has 35 wires going to a box that looks like the engine computer. You may cut all these wires and leave that box at the wrecking yard."

Randy said that he understood and would let me know when a "complete" engine came in.

August 6, 1999

Randy called and said a 1991 Subaru Legacy 2.2 had just come in. He had personally started and run the engine and said it was "perfect". He wanted to know if I was interested.

I asked how many miles were on the engine.


I asked if I could get all the associated parts and wiring on the list.

"No problem"

What's the cost?

"$1,179.75 including tax and shipping."

Super! Wrap it up!

It will arrive in Ukiah, Monday morning, August 9th. I will be there to pick it up. I had it shipped to Ukiah because I live out in the sticks and "dingy hovel" is hard to find.

I then called Susan at

Kennedy Engineered Products


Their webpage is:

and ordered the conversion kit.

Here is what I am getting.

Adapter plate, flywheel, pilot bearing and associated bolts.
Gear driven starter motor for higher compression engine.
5 page wiring instructions with 6 ft long drawing of harness.
Intake air duct.
Engine crossmember that fits to Subaru rubber engine mounts.
Exhaust header.
Catalytic converter and muffler.
Air filter and intake muffler.
Power steering hose - exchange of end fittings.

The total cost around $1,540.00

Susan said she would ship the wiring diagram right away.

"That alone will keep you busy for a while!"

This is an image from their brochure of the wiring. In the foreground is a finished wiring harness after stripping out all the unneeded wires which are piled up in the background! Oh boy!

The rest of the kit should arrive in about three weeks, "There are five people ahead of you wanting Vanagon conversion kits and we also have a lot of orders for sand rail, dune buggy and kit car conversions right now. We are real busy", she said!

August 9th.

The Legacy engine was delivered to Ukiah this morning. I picked it up in the Vanagon and brought it home. The Vanagon is still running on three cylinders but it made the final run to bring home it's replacement engine. I had put 2,000 miles on the old waterboxer since we bought it in Seattle.

The Legacy 2.2 looks very clean.

Here it is unloaded upon my deck. The wiring harnesses that was sent along is scattered in front of the engine. Oh boy! Now to start sorting out the wiring to try and make it look like the harness in the brochure.

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