August 10

Up early Tuesday morning to start eliminating unnecessary wiring from the various harnesses.

Going by the book.

By evening the wires I have cut out start to pile up. More to go.

August 12

Wiring hell!

I'm afraid I got carried away! I may have screwed up big time. When I was on the "strip out the wires" rampage I was careful to follow each wire and if it didn't lead to the computer I would cut and remove it. To make a long story short I saved all the computer wires but I removed pretty much all the power and ground wires!! I'm not sure just how big a mistake I have made yet.

Yesterday morning I stapled the schematic to a 24" x 72" sheet of plywood and laid it on my bed in dingy hovel (It was raining outside!!). I placed the computer on the schematic in the recommended location and then shortened or lengthened the wires to each plug, one by one, to get the wires to follow the routes laid out on the schematic. By late evening I had had it and the dog and I wanted to go to bed but the bed had become my workshop and, since it was still raining out, I could not put the layout out on my deck.

I started thinking about grabbing my sleeping bag and sleeping in my bus but then remembered the train set I had as a kid. Pop had it rigged up so it could be raised to the ceiling out of the way. So I put a couple of screws in the wall at the foot of the bed and then raised the plywood up and set one end on the screws and the other end on the top of the book shelf at the head of the bed. Perfect! Dreams of schematics danced over my head!

Anyway. I'm closing in on getting the last of the "existing wires" whipped into shape. It will then be a matter of finding out what is missing. I'm still not sure if I have created a disaster or if I'm going to be okay. I know I will have to get it right before I install the harness and fire up the bus. It would be easy to blow the computer, at the worst, or end up with a bunch of failure codes that will take forever to suss out. Jeez.

I'm thinking about buying the Subaru manual to double check the wiring. Also, I am going to have to go through the remaining wires on the engine itself to make sure every item has what it needs, throttle positioner, air sensor, cam sensor, crank sensor, anti-knock sensor, igniter, etc. Let's hear it for the simple carburetor!

Yes, each model year does vary some. Particularly in the color of the wires. Hobert has each wire from the computer identified as to possible color and function. Most of them agree with my computer. There are a couple that don't and I will e-mail him and ask about them.

Meanwhile I'm still working on it, trying to remember the goal.

To put this in that!

If you are doing this conversion I have since come up with things that should help:

Click here for my drawings of the two one inch plugs going to the engine.

Click here for my drawing of the "B+" circuit.

Click here for my drawing of the wires that need to be spliced.

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