Radio Controlled Airplanes

Off to Seattle.

My daughter had another child, a boy this time, so it was time for Grand Paw to head for the drizzly northwest.
I took my DuraPlane, LazyBee, Mariner, and Pete along, just in case!

Because of the rainy weather in the Seattle area I had plenty of opportunity for baby bonding...

Newest grandson Caleb in my hand!  Taylor on the left, Kian and Lane to the right.

 Yet, in spite of the rain,  my sons and I were able to get in a few hours of flying.

Here we are bundled up at the RAMS flying field near Sumner, Washington.
Jeff brought along the rain fly, standard equipment for Seattle modelers!

I am flying my LazyBee in the rain.  Notice the flag blowing in the wind!  I was almost able to fly backwards!

Son Ross got in some flights with his Nobler.

The next day we moved our operation to Lake Tapps and flew in the rain and wind there!
Son Jeff taxiing his DuraPlane on floats.

There were three times we flew in the rain.  Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday.  The sun peaked out on Friday, Monday and Wednesday.
Oh well.  We will get together this summer and really get in some fun flying.

What's better than flying in the rain?

Flying in Death Valley!!


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